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Noah’s relies heavily on support from the community to continue their programs and services. You can help make a difference by choosing to fundraise as part of Noah’s Challenge. Make it your goal to complete the Challenge and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

Step 1 : Register

Register online to participate in Noah's Challenge.

Step 2 : Set up your fundraising page

Please set up your online fundraising page at the Noah's Challenge Raisely site: You will be able to share this page with friends, family and colleagues to receive donations and sponsorship money for the race.

To help you get started with your fundraising, check out these easy and quick tips:

  • Personalise your fundraising page Add a profile picture and some brief information to tell people what you’re doing and why you are supporting Noah’s. Be sincere and honest – and keep it concise.
  • Set an ambitious fundraising goal Aim high – then go higher! Setting an ambitious goal will grab the attention of people and hopefully inspire them to help you achieve it. Share your fundraising page link via Facebook or email to let everyone know what you’re doing and why it’s important to you.
  • Make a donation to yourself Donate $50 or $100 to yourself and ask your family to do the same. Larger donations at the start of your fundraising can encourage others to donate the same!
  • Don’t ask, don’t receive Often what you ask for is what you get so don’t be shy when it comes time to ask for support. Make sure you suggest to your family and friends a donation that is doable and appropriate for them.
  • Get online and share, share, share! Let your friends and family know about your fundraising through emails, text and social media. Personalise your messages as much as possible and be sure to keep donors up to date with your fundraising progress. Always include a link to your fundraising page in your message so that people can donate right away.
  • Say thanks! Consider sending a personal email or posting a Facebook shout out to anyone who makes a donation to your page. Not only will your generous donor feel appreciated but seeing other people making donations may motivate others to give as well

Looking to fundraise offline?

Why not consider hosting events like morning teas, BBQ’s, Trivia Nights, Movie Nights or even shave your head! Any money you raise offline can be banked and added onto your fundraising page.

A special thank you to our sponsors

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